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Hi guys,

I have owned Elephant for years and am on v2.

I cannot remember how I authorised the plugin and when I click on '?' I see it is registered to me, but there is no user key and I can't remember one either!

I now want to upgrade it to v3 and run it on my Mac and I have a project to finish today for a client and I kinda need it.  I have sent a message to tech support but am awaiting a reply.

I have searched my email accounts and tried to login here with all my usual password/user accounts etc to no avail.  So I had to register again from scratch.

Any ideas?  In a bit of a rush...

Cheers Tom

I've answered your support ticket already.  Please continue the ticket discussion and provide your e-mail address you've used to order Elephant 2 so I could look up your key.

Hi Aleksey - where do I find the ticket - I have received no email?

Thanks for your help!


Oh apologies - I found it.  Nice little feature on the website, this ticket system!

Cheers Tom

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