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I posted a ticket but a strange bug happened with version 3.4 with Digital Performer 6.02 on my dual G5 running Leopard 10.5.6.  The GUI looks grayed out and menus are empty.  Here is a screen shot:

This doesn't happen with version 3.3.

I'm sorry for the problem - seems like some very specific DP6.02 problem.  DP is the only host I do not have right now (but I will get it later - MOTU already sent me one) where the plug-in does not work as it should - I've tested the plug-in in other hosts without detectable problems.

Elephant 3.4 crashes SAWStudio 4.6 (latest), as well as 4.5.  Unfortunately, I no longer have the 3.3 installer. (I never needed to save an older version of the plugin; this is the first time I ran into such a major issue.)

Aleksey, please consult with Bob Lentini asap.  When can we expect an updated version?  Else, can you please email me a link to v3.3?


Michael DePalma


I do not think it is related to Elephant version, because it crashes even with Crunchessor 2.4 which was released a while back.  It may be related to latest SawStudio changes.  I'll contact SawStudio tech support - hopefully this time they'll get back to me.

Hi Aleskey,

I just discovered the same problem as James ( above )with Elephant V 3.4 running on DP 6.0.2 on my MBP OS X 10.5.7 ( Today, I just upgraded from OS X 10.4.11, where V 3.4 worked ).Is there a way I could go back to Elephant 3.3 while the bug is being worked out, and if so, where and how do I get there from here?

Thank you,

Rob in Cincinnati

I should follow up here.  Aleksey contacted me and he sent me a couple of new versions and after two or three times sent me a version 3.43 that fixed the problem.  I don't know if that version is now available for download or not, but I know I have the new version working in DP 6.02 now.

Aleksey, might I try this version, too?  Else, I'd like to try v3.3 again. (My mistake for zapping it...doh!)

Thanks and regards,


Rob, please contact me via Support page - I'll send you a link.  This fixed version will be released soon.

Mike, this fix won't work with SawStudio.  I received a reply from Bob L telling that problem with Voxengo plug-ins will be fixed in upcoming SawStudio 4.7.

Ok, Aleksey, that's gøød to know!

Just FMI...does this mean that SAWStudio would crash even with v3.3?

MikeDee: Just FMI...does this mean that SAWStudio would crash even with v3.3?

Yes, it will.

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