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I can't say what version this behaviour started in, but it seems like v3.3 is introducing DC Offset into my bounced/exported files.  I am using Sequoia's DC Offset tool to identify and remove it, but it is adding an extra step in my processing and taking up a great deal of time.  I remember seeing an earlier thread mentioning that there was a problem with DC Offset, but it was supposed to be fixed in v3.3.  I typically use Elephant in EL-Uni mode with 4-8x oversampling and have the channels unlinked.

I do not remember any special problem with DC offset introduction except for a several milliseconds before the start of the track - but this was fixed already.

I think you meant DC offset introduction for the full duration of the track.

However, ANY dynamic process introduces DC offset in average.  But it is NOT constant.  This is simply unavoidable when limiting or compression happens.  If you think this is a problem, I believe any brick-wall limiter will be giving you problems.

I've really only been using Elephant as of late, but I'll try another to verify.  Am I understanding correctly that one should not correct for the DC offset introduced by this processing?

Yes, one should not correct this DC offset (which is usually low, but becomes higher as more limiting occurs).  If you try to correct this DC offset, you'll end up introducing new overshoots.
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