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So...I'm remixing/mastering a hip-hop record for a local artist; & had worked pretty hard at enhancing/boosting the bottom end on this one particular tune.  For some odd reason, he had one of his Bass lines mixed in w/ the Kick stem, which was more faint than the Kick. addition to some other EQ stuff I did w/ that track to beef up the bottom in general...the Bass note happened to be a low I also peaked up a 55Hz band in Cambridge w/ a real narrow Q; & it got me the desired effect...a leveling of the Bass & Kick on that track.

Reason I'm saying all this crap also had the effect of making the Kick itself sound spectacular, which in turn figured prominent in a test I ran (using that track) comparing 5 mastering limiters.  What it did was, in addition to the boom, it provided some really nice 'slap' (not overbearing, but just right)...which turned out to be the component that showed the most difference between the limiters in the test.

With MPl-1, Ozone4, Flux Pure II & UAD Precision Limiter (at default limiter settings)...the Kick's slap all but disappeared.  With Elephant2, it came right thru.

[Also...w/ the Elephant2 track, the vocals really outshined the other limiters...they seemed to have more body AND more breath.]

The settings I used on Elephant2 were 'EL-3' as a mode, 'Max' as a speed; & '4X' oversampling...that's it.  They were all nice (the other limiters); & all sounded very close to the unlimited track.  But Elephant was noticeably better, hands down. [I guess in fairness I need to read up, vary my settings on Flux & Ozone; & have another run]...but I was very satisfied w/ Elephant2 in the overall scheme, for transparency.

So...(conclusion)...I've now tried these settings on other program material...jazz rock, folk, etc.,...& they work equally well.  If I go to v3...I DO NOT want to lose this exact my question is...does v3 over-write v2 in it's installation...or can I run both versions?



Thanks for your extended message.

V3 does not overwrite the V2 installation - V3 comes as a separate DLL file.

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