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I keep running into an issue in Audiofile's Wave Editor using the latest version of Elephant 3, the meters are extremely slow and jerky, basically unuseable.  This happens regardless of my CPU load, or the oversampling amount.  I'm talking to Audiofile as well, but I'm not seeing this issue in other apps or with other metering plug ins.  Was wondering if you had any insight on this issue?

Mac OSX 10.5.6, MBP c2d, 2.16gHz, 2GB

I'm aware about this problem - I also had discussions with Wave Editor's developer.  I came to a conclusion, this problem is related to Wave Editor.  Most other host applications do not exhibit such behavior.  Hopefully this problem will be fixed in some of the future updates to Wave Editor.  Right now I do not see a way to resolve it from plug-in's side.  From my tests, I believe that all VST plug-ins have this problem in Wave Editor as well.  But not all AudioUnits.

Thanks Aleksey.

Oops, double post.

You are welcome, I'm sorry for this problem.
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