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Hi A.,

I've been playing with the Demo of Elephant 3 lately, and it's excellent - but it's missing one last feature for me.  I master in Wavelab, source files at 82.2k, output to 44.1k.  My FX chain is:

88.2k -> [FX] -> Crystal Resampler: 44.1k -> Limiter/Maximizer.

(the limiter obviously needs to come after the resampler as it causes overshoots).

The problem is that I would like Elephant to work at 88.2k, but output 44.1k.  Instead I get 2 unnecessary resampling steps (Crystal -> 44.1k, Elephant -> 2x Oversampling in + 44.1k out).

My suggestion is to have seperate input and output sampling rate buttons.  In the example, I'd leave the input at 1x, and the output at 0.5x.

Would you consider that for a future update?  If yes, would it be a new major version, or free update to v3 owners?

The feature you'd like to see from the plug-in is impossible to implement in base FX part of VST specification.  While I'm not interested in supporting the "off-line" part of the VST specification for this feature.  The reality is that probably only WaveLab supports this feature while its user base is pretty narrow, so I'm not that much interested.

Hi, it turns out Wavelab uses its own proprietary interface for the resampling plugins, not the 'offline' spec, so it's actually not possible anyway.

Thanks for the info.
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