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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Maybe Very Small Bug In Elephant EL UNI Mode Default Settings?

Hello Aleksey,

I am using Elephant 3.2 VST.

When I first start Elephant with original default installation setting, the Mode selection window is in the "EL UNI" mode.

First, I select the "Edit" button and open the Mode Editor window.  Mode Editor shows that El Dyn = 2 and Trans Shape = -0.50.

Second, I close the Mode Editor window with no changes.

Third, I select the "Mode" button and from the drop down menu (CLIP, AIGC-1, EL-1, etc.) and I select "EL UNI" mode again even though it is already in EL UNI mode from default start up.

Fourth, I select the "Edit" button again and the Mode Editor window opens.  However, this time the Mode Editor window show that El Dyn = 5 and Trans Shape = 0.00.

I was wondering how come El Dyn and Trans Shape has changed values but it is still in the same "EL UNI" mode with no user changes?  Maybe small bug or just my error with my DAW?

By the way, this is an excellent sounding limiter.  It is very musical and maintains clean transients.  I like the transient controls very much as this is the important key to transparent sound for limiters.



Yes, it's a small bug related to EL UNI mode preset - thanks for reporting.  It will be fixed.  Note that this fix will *not* affect your existing settings, you may safely use the fixed version with older projects.
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