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I'm an happy user of Elephant 3 (and Polysquasher by the way) and I'm working on my mastering.  As seen as I'm not really into loudness at all, I'm nore into vintage music, organic and natural sounds, I wanted to know your opinion about settings for this.

I tried to work with the "standard" preset and then "the punch master" one.  Reducing the gain, it sounds better because the snare keeps its sound.  But I don't know, maybe I should work in a different way...

Your advices are welcome :)


No problems with using the "Masters Punch" preset at reduced in gain (e.g.  1 dB).  The main purpose of Elephant - to prevent clipping in a pleasant way will still be accomplished.

Great!  I'll continue to work with this basis the moment...  Thanks! :)

Is there any other people in the same kind of music here?  It could be interesting to share our tips ;)

Well, for music with contrabass sonics or low strings using a setting in Elephant with larger knee could be preferrable I think. "Masters Punch" on contrabass will probably sound a bit too sharp if limiting happens.

Definitely agree with the above.

The larger the knee the better if purity of sound is what you want.

We're using this on a very new 5.1 mix of a superbly talented Rwandan singer called Dorothee Munyaneza, for the forthcoming DVD-A/V release of her debut album and this (Elephant) is the *only* limiter that is not either colouring to an unacceptable degree or else introducing what sounds like a divergence problem.

All I need now is a multichannel compressor that will work as 5 mono compressors.

Waves C360 5.1 is hopeless.....

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