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Hi Aleksey,

I've been playing with Elephant 3 a bit, I still have some things to learn.  I'm a long-term user of Elephant 2 which is the only limiter I ever use for anything.  I have one project, a women's choral group that is very fussy about limiters.  Most limiters produce low frequency artifacts with this recording, no setting eliminates them, and there's no bass to mask them.  I get the best sound and none of these artifacts in Elephant 2 with AIGC 3 or 4 and the "min" speed setting.  I've never found another limiter that behaves well with this recording.

As you note, setting the release time slow with the AIGC modes in Elephant 3 causes problems.  I wouldn't call it "pumping" so much as "over-attacking" In fact if I set the release to the slowest setting in these modes, recordings with sharp transients can cause the limiter to "over-attack so much that the audio sometimes totally mutes and then fades back in.  That's a pretty amazing sound although probably not one I'd be looking for ;-) Again, I know you warn about that.

Can you recommend a setting for Elephant 3 to emulate Elephant 2 in AIGC 4 set at "min" speed?



The "Speed" setting in Elephant 2 is not related to the release stage, at all.  To imitate Elephant 2's sound you have to disable the release stage completely.  The "Min" "Speed" setting of Elephant 2 is achieved in Elephant 3 by setting its "Trans Time" parameter to 2.4 ms.

Ah, thanks, Aleksey.  Interestingly Elephant 3 seems not to add the artifacts I was referring to, at least I haven't found a way to make it do that which is very good.  It was interesting to try the same material through the Waves L2 (which I don't own and I've used up my demo so I can't try it again) When I tried that a couple of years ago it acted terrible no matter how I set it.

If you'd ever be interested in a small sample of this project I'd be happy to send it, it seems to be a very good limiter torture test!

Elephant 3 is sounding very good here.  And your support is the best in the world.  Thanks!


You are welcome!  Thanks for your offer of the demo sample.  But, frankly saying, I do not have much time to be open for all listening offers.
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