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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Please HELP!!! The "NEW" interface CRASHES Sound Forge 9.0e (Build 441) when I process files.

Does anyone have a solution or work-around for the following issue??

(Note: none of my older Voxengo plugins cause these symptoms.)

When using Sound Force 9.0e (Build 441), Voxengo LF Max Punch and Voxengo Elephant 3.2 CRASH Sound Forge.  This happens right after I click "OK" to process the waveform.

I LOVE the sound of both these processors, but my primary concern is that ANY future Voxengo plugins using the "NEW" GUI (yellow default), will crash my primary mastering editor (which is Sound Forge 9).

I have lots of other plugins Waves, PSP, and Universal Audio (to name a few), but I would be VERY unhappy if I find I cannot use/purchase the newer versions (GUI) in Sound Forge. :( (Really, I love the "sound" of these Voxengo plugins!!)

So, anyone has seen the following error message when they process in SF9, please let me know if they have a solution: "An error occurred during the current operation.  An exception has occurred." The "Details" button in the Sony Sound Forge 9.0 (message window) lists the following:

"Sony Sound Forge 9.0

Version 9.0e (Build 441)

Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x0 IP:0x51F2FC

In Module 'Forge90.exe' at Address 0x400000 + 0x11F2FC

Thread: GUI ID=0x13DC Stack=0x12D000-0x130000


EAX=00000000 CS=001b EIP=0051f2fc EFLGS=00210246

EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=0012ded8 EBP=00000000

ECX=01af4d48 DS=0023 ESI=00000000 FS=003b

EDX=0012deb4 ES=0023 EDI=7e42929a GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:

0051F2FC: 8B 45 00 8B 48 08 55 FF .E..H.U.

0051F304: D1 6A 00 53 68 44 01 00 .j.ShD..

Stack Dump:

0012DED8: 0012DFEC 00030000 + FDFEC

0012DEDC: 00000111

0012DEE0: 00007FBC

0012DEE4: 00238A10 00140000 + F8A10

0012DEE8: 01AF4A28 01A00000 + F4A28

0012DEEC: 01A01B78 01A00000 + 1B78

0012DEF0: 01BFCAB4 01A00000 + 1FCAB4

0012DEF4: 00000000

0012DEF8: 00650044 00400000 + 250044 (Forge90.exe)

0012DEFC: 00610066 00400000 + 210066 (Forge90.exe)

0012DF00: 006C0075 00400000 + 2C0075 (Forge90.exe)

0012DF04: 00000074

0012DF08: 00000000

0012DF0C: 00000000

0012DF10: 00000000

0012DF14: 00000000

0012DF7C: 383A4EC5 383A0000 + 4EC5 (sfvstwrap.dll)

0012DF94: 003E003C 00370000 + 7003C (frgplugs.dll)

0012DF98: 0012E048 00030000 + FE048

0012DF9C: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)

0012DFA0: 7E4188E0 7E410000 + 88E0 (USER32.dll)

0012DFA4: 3845C881 383A0000 + BC881 (sfvstwrap.dll)

0012DFBC: 3845C830 383A0000 + BC830 (sfvstwrap.dll)

0012DFC4: 7E418734 7E410000 + 8734 (USER32.dll)

0012DFD8: 3845C830 383A0000 + BC830 (sfvstwrap.dll)

0012DFE8: 3845C830 383A0000 + BC830 (sfvstwrap.dll)

0012DFF0: 7E423CE4 7E410000 + 13CE4 (USER32.dll)

0012DFF4: 3845C830 383A0000 + BC830 (sfvstwrap.dll)

0012E04C: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)

0012E050: 7E423D08 7E410000 + 13D08 (USER32.dll)

0012E05C: 7E423B30 7E410000 + 13B30 (USER32.dll)

0012E064: 3845C830 383A0000 + BC830 (sfvstwrap.dll)

0012E084: 7E423D3A 7E410000 + 13D3A (USER32.dll)

0012E094: 7475F1A6 74720000 + 3F1A6 (MSCTF.dll)

0012E098: 747313E0 74720000 + 113E0 (MSCTF.dll)

0012E0A4: 7E423D5C 7E410000 + 13D5C (USER32.dll)

0012E0C0: 7E418734 7E410000 + 8734 (USER32.dll)

0012E0D4: 7E423D3A 7E410000 + 13D3A (USER32.dll)

0012E0E4: 7E423D3A 7E410000 + 13D3A (USER32.dll)

0012E0EC: 7E418816 7E410000 + 8816 (USER32.dll)

0012E0F0: 7E423D3A 7E410000 + 13D3A (USER32.dll)

0012E144: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)

0012E148: 7E418830 7E410000 + 8830 (USER32.dll)

0012E154: 7E4189CD 7E410000 + 89CD (USER32.dll)

0012E15C: 7E423D3A 7E410000 + 13D3A (USER32.dll)

0012E188: 7E42A43B 7E410000 + 1A43B (USER32.dll)

0012E1A4: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)

0012E1A8: 7E4189F0 7E410000 + 89F0 (USER32.dll)

0012E1B4: 7E4196C7 7E410000 + 96C7 (USER32.dll)

0012E1C4: 5A013672 5A000000 + 13672 (swpg.dat)

0012E1FC: 5A013BDB 5A000000 + 13BDB (swpg.dat)

0012E208: 5A013C53 5A000000 + 13C53 (swpg.dat)

0012E23C: 06C6A30C 06930000 + 33A30C (Elephant.dll)

0012E240: 00000010

0012E244: 00001000

0012E248: 00000000

0012E24C: 00000610

0012E3B8: 7C91003D 7C900000 + 1003D (ntdll.dll)

0012E3D8: 7E418BD9 7E410000 + 8BD9 (USER32.dll)

0012E3DC: 7E471088 7E410000 + 61088 (USER32.dll)

0012E3E8: 7E42C23C 7E410000 + 1C23C (USER32.dll)

0012E3EC: 7E42C1E9 7E410000 + 1C1E9 (USER32.dll)

0012E414: 7E44048F 7E410000 + 3048F (USER32.dll)

0012E418: 7E42C1F0 7E410000 + 1C1F0 (USER32.dll)

0012E420: 7E42C1E9 7E410000 + 1C1E9 (USER32.dll)

0012E438: 5A016608 5A000000 + 16608 (swpg.dat)

0012E444: 5A001EB8 5A000000 + 1EB8 (swpg.dat)

0012E458: 5A002044 5A000000 + 2044 (swpg.dat)

0012E45C: 5A002067 5A000000 + 2067 (swpg.dat)

0012E460: 5A0165BC 5A000000 + 165BC (swpg.dat)

0012E464: 5A00206F 5A000000 + 206F (swpg.dat)

0012E468: 5A016608 5A000000 + 16608 (swpg.dat)

0012E474: 5A001EB8 5A000000 + 1EB8 (swpg.dat)

0012E48C: 5A00244D 5A000000 + 244D (swpg.dat)

0012E490: 5A0024AC 5A000000 + 24AC (swpg.dat)

0012E494: 5A0165BC 5A000000 + 165BC (swpg.dat)"

I wrote Aleksey about this issue and told him I had it solved; but that was a mistake on my part.  I need help with this, because these are the only two plugins out of a few hundred, that crash Sound Forge 9.0e and to get the sound, is worth solving the problem IMO.

Thanks and Peace to all,


First of all, I'm not sure you are correct in assuming the problem is called by interface - please do not reiterate this assumption without 100% confirmation.

Could you please download and run the new MSED 1.9.6 plug-in (beta version)?  It is an identical plug-in, but it is a stereo plug-in.  Most other new plug-ins are multi-channel plug-ins.

I'll make sure to discuss this with you 'offline'.


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