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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Elephant 3 problem with vst to rtas and protools 8 on MAC OSX Leopard


i try to use the demo on Protools 8 with the VST to RTAS and it doesn't work...i have some CPU error message and it's not stable. (MAC G5 PPC / Protools 8 / vst to rtas 2.1 UB / OSX Leopard ).

I try it with Ableton Live 6 and it works great without CPU problem...

Do you know some incompatibilities ?

Do you plan to make a RTAS version ?  It would be great !

I'm really intereted but it would be for Protools, so it should work well...

I notice the same problem with LF MAX Punch.



You probably have to contact VST to RTAS adapter producer.  Protools 8 is a new application, and maybe they do not have everything working right for it.
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