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I am really digging the clarity of Elephant, I used to use Waves L2, but I like Elephant quite a bit more.

I use Elephant primarily in Logic Pro 8, and i use 2 screens.  1 screen for arrange window and other screen for plug-ins and mixer.  The controls work great on the primary screen but once I put it on the secondary screen it goes nuts.  When I turn the in-gain or the out-gain knobs for example they jump by 10db with the tiniest touch.  They also sometime turn backwards; I move the mouse up but the knob goes down by 15db.

It's not that big of a deal, but these flubs make it impossible to use on the second screen, which is where all of my other plug-ins go and all of the others work fine.

Do you have any suggestions of insights?

Thanks, and great program,


Thanks for problem report - we will be investigating it and fixing.

On Windows XP (Reaper 2.54) it seems to work fine on secondary display here ...

Dandruff: On Windows XP (Reaper 2.54) it seems to work fine on secondary display here ...

Yes, of course - it was debugged there already.

We will debug this on Mac OS X soon, as well.

Tom, for your information, we have failed to detect the problem on our dual-screen setup under Mac OS X 10.5.2.  It works fine.  Please make sure it wasn't a mistake with mouse positioning over the knob - if you drag the knob's ring it works as a radial positioning mode - it is absolute and may jump to any position.
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