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why do you sometimes show "-0.0" and sometimes "0.0" dB under "Max Gain Reduction"?  Confuses me a bit.  Is the limiter already doing something if it says "-0.0" dB?

It simply means gain reduction is staying below 0.0 dB (e.g. at -0.00001) and so it will read as -0.0.  You do not have to worry that much.  It is actually a deficiency of floating point computing which cannot be "dead precise" and so instead of 1.0 the number stored in machine format may be actually equal to 0.99999999 which IS below 0.0 dB in logarithmic scale.

As for the effect on audio, it is negligible.

Ok, thanks!


but why do I get this "-0.0" reading even if there's nothing to limit (peak @ -7dBFS for example)?

Can you add a button to turn the limiter off completely?  Sometimes I just need the DC filter or the Dither.  Maybe you could also save some CPU cycles then!?

Well, limiter does nothing even if it shows -0.0, no need to panic.  And make sure you have knee set to 0%.  It produces bit identical result down to -180 dB.  Elephant was not designed to have limiter section disabled.

Ahh, you're right - it was the knee setting ... thanks!
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