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EDIT...  You can disregard.  I realized I had a registration code for a different plug -in entered.


I upgraded both Elephant and Crunchessor today.

Problem is I can't use my keayboard to enter the user name or reg code.  I'm on a Mac Pro.  I can enter the user name with the virtual keyboard but the product key includes the minus-sign.

And the copy/paste function won't work either.  The pop-up meny appears when I right-clikc but it won't paste anything.

Edit: Oh, by the way, I installed the MacVST and are running Cubase 4.1.0

The problem understood - the 'minus' sign will appear in the next update for both plug-ins.

Strange to hear copy&paste does not work.  Make sure you have copied the key into the clipboard.  You may check that in some other application by pasting the key text.

Yeah, I checked copy&paste with a text editor.  It was fine.

What's the idea with the visual keyboard?  Doesn't the new versions of Voxengo support the computers physical keyboard?

I found that I cannot type digits into the value fields of the GUI on the front of the plugin either.

Some host DAWs don't pass all key strokes on to plug ins sometimes, the keyboard just helps if that's the case.  Otherwise your key should pass all keystroke on.

I'm very sorry for this show-stopper.  I will try to release the required updates in a week for both Elephant and Crunchessor.  Physical keyboard is indeed supported, but it does not work in every host, and that does not depend on the plug-in's ability - that is why a virtual keyboard is required.

Thanks Aleksey!

I tried the Crunchessor 2 and Elephant 3 in Windows XP/Cubase in Boot Camp on my Mac Pro.  No problems using the computers keyboard on either side of the GUI.  Both letters and numbers works.

Is the problem OS X/VST related?

Yes, it's OS X-related, and there is no fix to it I know of.  Windows features "hard" keyboard hooks that are even able to overtake keyboard input from the host for a moment.


I've just upgraded to Elephant V3 and now I can't enter "ß" character for my name :(

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