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I just wanted to say Elephant 3 is amazing , I have vs 2 - and just tried the demo of vs 3 - I can't believe how amazing max and inflate is -I was up and running with it in 2 min and it did the trick not much fuss or tweaking , I started off with a preset too - lol this is the missing piece I need for my final mastering - I rarely get excited over a plug in ;) but i just have to say Brilliant job !!! - I can get my masters up to the level I want and still have it clear , punchy with maintained transients .  Who needs external gear for mastering any more now that we have Voxengo .

Thanks for your feedback!

I just updated to v3.

Testing the sound of it, I tried to use the old CTRL+click and drag on the input gain, but this has changed to right-click and drag.

Now that I passed that small hurdle, I've explored the GUI and begun exploring the new sound shaping possibilities compared to v2.

So far I can only say, well done.  The colour schemes, floating windows, control linking, the most important stuff is at my fingertips, the GR metering is wonderful(considered darker shade for above 0dBFS values?), the output metering are easy to read as well and it's topped off by an innovative mouseover-popup value ring.

Best GUI I ever used, bar none.

The sound is as reliable and flexible as ever.  I'm still exploring what I can do with the new stuff and can only say I've lost nothing, and gained very much with this update.

Keep up the great work.  I hope you get all the sales you deserve for great work like this.


Thank you for your feedback!
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