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Forums     Plugins     Elephant v3 not working properly

Using Samplitude, v3 and 3.1 dont work in the master section

of the mixer if there is a plug in before it,i.e

Psp vintage Warmer

Elephant ( does not work)

It works this way,


Psp Vintage Warmer

Samplitude 9.12 Scott Alger

To my knowledge, this is a problem with Samplitude and its somehow mistaken multi-channel plug-in support.  Currently I can not do anything from my side.  It seems that Samplitude can't build chain of effects if stereo plug-in follows a multi-channel plug-in.  You may try reporting this problem to Magix staff.  However, this problem was reported by several users already so Magix maybe already know about it.

Thanks, I will cotact Magix

Scott Alger

However, Elephant2 does work in this situation...

Scott Alger

Scott Alger: However, Elephant2 does work in this situation...

Yes, it does, because it is a stereo plug-in.

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