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Forums     Plugins     Elephant RMS measurements don't match Elephant V2

I just upgraded from Elephant V2 to V3; I love the increased control, extra modes and the improved oversampling.

The only issue (and a minor one at that) is that I got used to relying on rms readings to do rough masters for my group's rehearsal mixdowns: If the output on Elephant V2 read between +5 and + 8 rms with the meters set on K-14, I would usually be in the ball park for a hot but not overly squashed mix.  But with Elephant version 3, +5 would output a very smashed mix.  I am wondering if the meters are set up different, of if the new modes (i.e.  Uni) affect the rms reading, or if I am missing something else here.

Of course, using my ears is preferable, but after a long rehearsal/recording, a mixdown and a quick master/conversion to make group CD's, I look for as many shortcuts as I can.

Once I get back to client mastering work, I'm sure I will get a feel for the new version, but still wondering if there is something different with V3.

Thanks Aleksey

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I'm pretty sure they show identical RMS values at K-14.  Make sure you are comparing both versions with the same input gain.
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