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Forums     Plugins     Elephant elephant 3.1 (and 3.0) vs SF8 (output and ch seperation problem...)

Hi All,

got a VERY strange one:

when I use e3 in SoundForge 8, not only does elephant 3 "sum" the stereo info (even if I maximize ch linking...), the output is -12db quieter than the metering on the plug. for example- elephant shows output at 0db, sf file is written to -12.1db at max.

What is weirder is that elephant 2.7 output is true to GUI indication. (0db on plug = 0db at file max output.

...Even weirder?:

using the same settings that were giving me -12.1db output in SoundForge 8, Wavsaur gives matching output (ie- E3 says 0db, file max output = 0db)

Wavosaur also preserves stereophonics, too! ;)

Obviously, this would seem to be a SoundForge 8 (Sony) problem...just curious if anyone else is seeing the same results I am...

please advise-

This is a known issue related to SoundForge8 alone - SoundForge8 simply handles multi-channel plug-ins incorrectly.  You should probably upgrade to SF9.  I cannot do anything about this bug from plug-in's side.

Thanks very much for the info, Aleksey!

confirmation that this is a known issue is good enough for me right now.

At present, I am keeping the SF "upgrade march" to "every OTHER" version...(not worth it to me to spend 150bucks for every SF version upgrade right now ;)

OK, then yes, you'll have to wait.  If you already purchased Elephant v3, and can't use it I can do a refund.

Oh I've purchased it and fully intend to use it ;)

SF is not the only tool in to box!

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