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when doing a render of a song, the Voxengo GUI still displays changes regardless of the host setting of whether or not to do so.

I use Nuendo 3 & 4, and I do not have "update display" checked in "Exort Audio Mixdown".  Of all of the plugins I use (UAD, Nuendo, and Voxengo), only the Voxengo plugins do updates (meters, graphics displays, etc) in the GUI regardless of this setting.

This is a minor thing.  I've been meaning to mention something about it for a couple of years...

Interesting..  I was popping in to report something similar .. but exactly the opposite..

I use Cubase 4 and I like to watch the GUI when mixing down .. so I have "update display" on, always.

Tried some mixdowns (File->Export Audio Mixdown) via Elephant 3.1 just now, and although the rest of the Cubase GUI is all moving around happily .. the Elephant 3.1 GUI is freezing, and only getting updated every 3 to 6 seconds (depending on CPU load .. between 25% busy and 50% busy).

This is on a dual core 3 GHz PC, 32 bit in the latest version of Cubase 4.

Sound seems OK .. just GUI freezes !!

Sure, I understand this issue, however I rate it as very minor.  The reason for this 'issue' is that refresh of Voxengo plug-ins is performed based on plug-in's own timer - I do not want to tie to host's timer because it may be sub-optimal (too slow or too fast).  For best bounce performance, user interface should be actually fully hidden - otherwise plug-in will be taking CPU cycles to process level meters.

Understood Aleksey .. however, at the cost of a few extra CPU cycles, it would be cool to be able to watch Elephant during final mixdown, to keep an eye on clipping, levels etc.  It currently tells you nothing useful during mixdown .. it looks like it's faulty as it all goes very jerky.

If you get a chance to "fix" this I, for one, would appreciate it.


Sorry to John Lance for hijacking this thread .. his problem was different (unable to turn the GUI OFF in Cubase etc) and I seem to have grabbed Alekseys attention more with my problem .. sorry John !!

I will study possibility of using VST's internal update functionality inside Voxengo plug-ins: I will possibly introduce a global switch for that so that existing display updating works as usual.

Sounds good to me - thanks Aleksey !!
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