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Forums     Plugins     Elephant Regarding Elephant 3 release control

Just wanted to ask about the release control in Elephant 3.

When the algorithm is anything other than clip we can adjust the release time when the release button is red.

But if we click the release button it changes to silver and the release knob gets greyed out.

When in this state, what does that mean exactly, does the release control just change to a default setting? or is that actually some kind of auto release mode, or is it the equivalent of release knob level being set to a value of 1.00?.

When the release stage is left disabled, no release stage is used at all, and so dynamics become more instant.

So how do we set up Elephant for it to be Auto Release if this is not done by switching the release button off?  Thank you.

I was speaking about a "kind" of auto-release.  It is engaged when the Release stage is enabled.  Well, it's a configurable auto-release then.  When you disable the Release stage, no release is used at all.
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