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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

Today I purchased, downloaded, installed, and then registered the software via cut and paste (with no additional spaces).  I then started Nuendo and installed the plug-in.  I checked the "?" and my name was shown.  I started an audio mixdown export and after a minute the export stopped.  I tried it three times and the same so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and when I registered it I used a slight variation on my name.  Started Nuendo and checked Elephant and my name was the correct variant I had used.  The same problem occurs.  Anyone have any ideas to try next?


Follow-up: I uninstalled again, downloaded file again from my user area and reinstalled, registered (with another variance on my name so I could tell I registered a new version) and the same problems - stops after a minute.  I assume that although the product is registered the program is in demo mode.  Is the suppied key bad?  The nuendo Export progress bar/estimated time remaining does not even show the window correctly as if it knows it is going to stop.

I corrected the problem by starting Nuendo after an Elephant uninstall.  Closed Nuendo and reinstalled Elephant, registered and all is fine.

Now the only problem is that while using Audio Export Mix in Nuendo the progress bar never fully opens (the heading is in the window but the rest of the window is transparent therefore progress is not visible via the bar or the estimated time to complete).  Elephant2 does not graphically show anything happening even though the software is running correctly.  No meters, numeric information - etc.

Will, do you think this 'progress bar' problem caused by Elephant?  As for the Elephant display - are you sure Elephant is connected properly?

I will get back to you after vacation.  I'm sorry for inconvenience.

Thanks for your reply.  Please enjoy your vacation.  When you get back:

My test was with one stereo track only (44.1k 32 bit floating point) in Nuendo and Elephant2 is inserted in my main output bus post the fader.  This file started out as a 48k 32bit fp export from Nuendo and was SRCed offline with r8Brain.  Thank you for r8Brain.  It is a remarkable sounding SRC and my ears are growing especially fond of the MinPhase option.

I then open Nuendo, load this stereo file and the goal is to apply Elephant2 (16 bit dither on) and export audio from Nuendo as a 44.1k 16 bit wav file for CD use.  While playing the file, the cpu useage meter is less than 10%.  Disc use is 0%.

If I play the file the Elephant2 meters and numeric information are operational.  However, when exporting a file the last thing Nuendo does is open a window showing the export status (the progress bar, cancel button and estimated time left).  As I said above, inside the Audio Export window frame there is nothing because it is transparent.  I can't even grab this window and move it with my mouse on the monitor.  I have the Elephant2 window open too and nothing is visible/updating graphically, ie. meters, numeric data.

I exported the six minute song five separate times with different Elephant presets for some initial listening test/comparisons and the same thing happened each time.  If I insert a similiar type of plug-in (L2, L3 etc) where Elephant2 was, the plug-in's graphics are fine and so is the Nuendo Audio Export window.

Initial Sonic Impression of Elephant2: I am very pleased by the sound I am hearing.  Obviously it has many variables (that I must learn how to use) and it seems it can be as subtle or as "loud" as you want.  As smooth or as punchy as you want.  While creating the files for the listening test I also exported a file with no plug-in.  That was my reference.  When adjusted for equal level I found some of the Elephant2 versions of the song were surprisingly close texturally to the no plug-in version.

Sorry to be so long winded but this is my second Voxengo software purchase within a week and I am really impressed with the sounds and the fair pricing, not to mention your support.  PS.  I"ve download all the free software you offer and look forward to trying them too.


OK, I understand that this might be the problem with Elephant.  Since right now we are starting to use our new development platform, I can only promise that this bug is going to be fixed when we translate existing Elephant to this new platform.  Of course, this may take a while, and so I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  I hope this problem does not stop you from using the plug-in and is just a 'cosmetic' problem (I'm sorry if you can't press the Stop button during mixdown).
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.