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In my haste to find a transparent limiter & finish the CD...trying desperately to make it sound a little louder without changing any sonic character...I sort of got into it (in this BBS) with Aleksey, without fully examining the program; & hence drawing (un-researched) assumptions & conclusions.


Sorry ol' pal.

Maybe you're the man, after all.

Today, I discovered Clip Mode.

Wow, man!  I set Elephant up in Clip Mode & 4X Oversampling across the stereo bus of one of my best projects; & bounced.  Then, I disabled Elephant & bounced again (allowing the file to hard clip.) Then I brought them both into a new project & performed a null test.

The two files nulled perfectly except for the clipped regions (& all you could hear during those regions was the scratchy sound of the clipping & some faint music in the unprocessed file...of course.)

After the null test I listened to them both again; & the Elephant processed file sounded superior at those points.

But now (& please don't think I'm crazy for asking this, but...)...even tho these files nulled perfectly (save for the clipped regions)...the Elephant processed file sounded "thinner"....I swear to god.

I know that's not possible, since they nulled, but I swear I heard it.

Anybody have any answers on this phenomenon, or am I hearing things?



BTW - I am happy I discovered this method; & I'm sure it will serve me well here in the mastering phase; & I'm sure I can now use the soft-clipped files...I'm just wondering why they sound different, despite nulling.

To be sure you are not hearing things, simply disable oversampling and perform the same test.


Thanks...I'll do just that & report back.


I just purchased & authorized version 2.5; & there seems to be a graphic problem w/ the interface.  The bottom is cut off (everything below Dithering & Noise-Shape) I.e., I cant see DC Filter & DC Fl Type.

What's going on with that...never happened in v2.4...I had the full view of the interface.

Please help me fix...thanks,


Dell Dimension 8250 / Windows XP

Intel 850E Motherboard/Chipset

Intel P4 2.53GHz CPU (512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB)

1024 MB PC1066 RDRAM

Ultra 60GB Primary HD / Single Volume (OS, Apps, Files/Folders.)

Maxtor DiamondMax 9+ 80GB Secondary HD / Single Volume (Audio Data only)

nVidia 64MB GEFORCE4 MX420 AGP

Echo Audio Layla 24/96 PCI Audio Interface

Universal Audio UAD-1 DSP Powered Plug-In System

KRK Rockit RP-8 Studio Reference Monitors



WaveLab 5

This can be easily resolved - simply run VST adapter, then press

'Next', then press the 'Reset all' button and then check the 're-scan

existing plugins' checkbox.  Then press Next and adapter will re-read

the plug-in information, including window size.

Sorry...but that didn't work.


Wait...that was scary...didn't pick up on the reset & rescan...went back & did it again; & lost all my Vst's in SONAR.  Ran the Vst Config Wizard from inside the program 3 times (from within the SONAR Plug-In Manager), with no luck.  Ran it the next time from the Start > Programs menu; & it worked.  Something wrong with my plug-in manager.  Have all the Vst's back, tho; & Elephant's interface is now the correct size.



You are welcome!
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.