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Forums     Plugins     Elephant More Transparent than Precision Limiter ??? Not so sure.

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Tell me where I'm going wrong people...

To my ear...& with my music (jazz rock, west coast rock & fusion)...Precision Limiter sounds more transparent than Elephant (v 2.4.) I hit it with a semi-hot 32-Bit FP mix (SONAR), roll the input gain back a little bit on the stereo bus; & PL sounds cleaner.

I know Elephant upsamples to 192k; & my friends in the mastering boards are telling me it specs out with far less intersample peaks; & that they like it better...but just today, I tried a comparison with one of our best mixes.  The intro in this song doesn't bust the ceiling until the bass & vocals drop in after 8 bars...starting out with drums then piano.  Elephant actually changes the sonic character of that intro, which rides along under 0dB, as I said.  PL left the intro alone; & where it does saw off the peaks it's hardly noticeable.

So where am I going wrong?  I was using it in EL-2, which is about as automatic & transparent as you can get, right?  Or should I be going with AIGC-3 or 4?

Is there a setting that doesn't pass audio thru any filters, like PL (meaning only compressed gain is affected.) Why is this thing not as clean as I had heard?



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I'm not sure this is a correct approach, do discuss differences between Elephant and Precision Limiter on *these* forums (they are support forums mainly - you may post at KVR forum about your findings).

First of all, I cannot give you my comment because I've never heard Precision Limiter myself.  Secondly, your comment is still your own preference which cannot be a basis for somebody else's decision.  Please at least post a demo (in WAVE format) to support your conclusions.

I suggest you to try EL-3 mode and adjust the release time to likening.  And use the 'Min' Lim Speed setting.

BTW, oversampling in Elephant is not about sonic quality alone - it is mainly about suppressing intersample overshoots.

Please visit this thread to hear an opposite conclusion.

You may always disable oversampling by selecting the 'Off' option from the Oversampling list.


You've got me wrong...I actually wan't to use Elephant.  I realize that, the less intersample peaks in the redbook final, the less chance the music will break up on the listener at higher volumes.

I was just hoping someone could point me in the direction of some super clean settings.  I'll try EL-3.



I personally find AIGC-4 smoothest.



mark4man, sorry if I have not got intention of your message right.  In either case, please try my recommendations.  Also set the Out Gain to -0.2 dB or little lower - for more 'peak' safety.

For those who are interested in a follow-up KVR discussion, here is the link: KVR Effects Forum.

I have compared Elephant to Precision Limiter with various sound sources and Elephant is my first choice.  Once you gain a true understanding of the parameters in Elephant you will never use Precision Limiter again.

The main feature that I like about Elephant is its extreme versatility.  Most limiters have a few differnt tonal variations but IMO Elephant is the entire Encyclopedia of tonal variations.



This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.