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There may be an issue with the gate in the VST3 version of Drumformer v1.4 in Reaper v5.04 (both 32bit and 64bit)

(or it may be an issue with Reaper, I don't know, but wanted to let you know :) )

It behaves differently than the VST2 version of Drumformer v1.4.

In the VST2 version the gate key-meter shows the input-signal as normal, in terms of dB level, and the gate can open and close normally.

In the VST3 version the key-meter shows no input-signal and the gate closes in all settings except when ratio is set to 1:1 (even when threshold is set to lowest -60)

(It doesn't appear to matter how hot the signal being fed into Drumformer is)

My platform: Win10 home x64 // I use Voxengo 32bit & 64bit VST plugs in Reaper 5.x 32bit and 64bit (mainly 32bit actually)

Thanks for noticing this issue - it will be fixed in the next update.
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