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Alexei, I recently purchased Drumformer and have been experimenting with it, first and foremost on drums, but, I got such a great result I thought, why not put it on the master bus ? ala a multiband compressor.

So, I did.

It can work supremely well on the right material/style....I noticed that especially compressing the top end on the mix bus can result in a particularly "crispy" top end..even with saturation off and gain compensation at zero..Hmm..?

Does Drumformer "auto-gain" at all.  That is, the deeper I compress a particular band, the more gain that band will have ?

It does have an auto-gain adjustment.

Is there an option to turn off auto-gain ?...I don't see it.

I'd like to be able to explore deeper compression on a certain band without necessarily auto-gaining a troublesome frequency spectrum.

Sorry, but auto-gain cannot be disabled.

I just purchase too few days a go, so sad i dont see this thread.

Please please please remove THE AUTO GAIN sir!



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