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This plugin is great but i think it miss an important feature : a make up knob for each band.  The "band gain" knob can't act as a make up gain because if you turn off the compressor or saturation section, the band gain stays the same.  It's a shame the band gain can't be used as a make up knob (and would be turned off when the compressor is turned off) : it would be easier to compare the source before/after compression at an equal volume, an essential feature when you're working on multiband compression.

I could use the A/B function to do that but i never found this practical for such comparisons.  And i can't bypass the plugin since it would bypass the 3 bands settings instead of the one i'm working on.

I hope you'll do something to fix this in the next updates :)

Thanks for the critique.  The problem is understandable, but at the moment I can't see a solid solution to it, because saturator also needs a "makeup gain", and the band also needs its own output gain setting.  I can only suggest you to reconsider the A/B button, because it's quite easy to use - just needs some initial effort to include it into your workflow.
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