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Forums     Plugins     Deft Compressor Side Chaining with Deft Compressor in ableton?

I cant figure out how to side chain with deft compressor in ableton live

in logic, theres a side chain drop down that lets you choose an input and thats all there is to it.

in ableton, there is no such menu. i found some information on routing tracks to the compressor within ableton to get 3rd party compressors to be sidechained but this method doesnt seem to work with deft compressor. (eg.

how do i access the ability to use an external side chain?

You'll have to use VST instead of AudioUnit in Ableton Live, to my knowledge, Ableton does not support native AudioUnit side-chaining like Logic does.

ok so using the vst instead, how do i go about routing the compressor to use it to side chain? im just trying to use a kick to compress a synth.

I think Ableton Live has a feature to send the output of a track to a plug-in.  Then you'll have to load the Sidechain Routing preset in Deft.

ahhh yes amazing! i completely overlooked the routing presets! damn, feel stupid, that got it working : ) and for future reference the AU version also works when the preset is loaded.

thanks a lot!

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