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is there any how i can get tutorial video on how to use these voxengo plugins, since i have no knowledge of theological aspect of it, all i use is my ear, and the plugins sound so great, with my hearing technic i was able to master one album and it sound so great with Voxengo plugin, especially pristine space, Voxengo really rescued my dream, pls i need help, by providing tutorial video, since i can't find the tutorial on youtube i will pay , download is acceptable, Thanks

No official video tutorials are available for Voxengo plug-ins.

BTW, please be careful with words like "theological" - it is unapplicable here.

sorry if my word hurt somebody, what i mean is theory, i need practical, please is there any way you can personally help me with video tutorial no matter how it look like, as at least it will give me little knowledge and helpful to me, i purchased many plugin ad im hunger to know how tro apply it and i'm willing to pay for it. thank

All plug-ins have user guides available where functionality is described.  You may also get general ideas and help on forums like ,

Do a web-search - there is a plenty of information available on how to mix.  Or you may take educational courses on mixing and sound recording.

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