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The Deft compressor interface looks similar to softube's FET compressor:

Is the voxegno Deft compressor is similar in sound quality to a FET 1176 style compressor?

I hope so, because I am searching for a drum compressor that sounds similar to a Fet compressor.

If not, are there any voxengo compressors that can sound similar to a FET compressor?



The easy answer would be, that there are demos for both products, just try them both out :)

But to give you some real help by comparing the elemental features: Both can go into very fast attack and release times, so its quite possible to drive both into juicy distortion, if that is what you are after.  Both offer high ratio, this surely makes it easy to get both comps into pumping compression.  Generally the range of the timing parameters is wider on the new voxengo comp, so is has potentially a bigger area of applications.

I personally allready love the daft comp for use with extreme settings on drums and additionally vintage mode for gnarly bass compression.  I have own no comparable compressor that does this kind of meaty distortion without sucking the life out of basslines.

For punchy kicks set the daft comp to an attack time around 80-100 ms and short release around 30ms.  The resulting punch won't be possible with a 1176 since it only features a maximum attack time of around 1 ms.

But in the end its really up to you to try it on your material and hear which one fits your taste.

Dear Philipp,

Thanks for your comments and help.

I would be interested in knowing if Aleksey was trying to make a more useful Fet style compressor with Deft compressor.  In English, Deft = Skillful.

By the way, It is funny because you wrote "daft comp" and "daft" in English = crazy.

I know it was a typing mistake...



higain_guitar, I can't tell much simply because this compressor's timing function is not based on any design previously known to me.  The "vintage" mode models valve amp stage.

Deft/daft - I was aware of this letter-mangling dilemma.  Of course, Deft is meant to say that it's quite "skillful".  But if somebody is crazy about it, it can be called "daft compressor" - do not see anything wrong with that emotion :-)

heh, yeah, totally stumbled over the spelling.

in any case, if you know and like the compression behaviour of a 1176 or a software replica, then get it.  Dont spend too much time searching for a solution that allready exists.  Sounds fairly simple but works instantly!

And then the deft compressor can add even another kind of spice to your audio cooking ingredients :)

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