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Hi Aleksey & Forum,

I'm going to combine the 2 functions - I guess I just woke up !

I have a piece of outboard gear we'll call 'sonic' (kind of what is described thru this post - ).

The gear has just 2 knobs on it 'bass and hi' that kind of emphasizes those two things.  I plan to run some white noise thru it with the bass knob at 100% capture the curve and save it, then do the same thing with the hi knob at 100%.

Next I'll use GearMatch and select 'sonic' then I'll load the captured bass curve and do a Spectrumatch.  I'll put another CurveEQ in series, load the captured hi curve and Spectrumatch the wave file to that one.

Then I'll attenuate both CurveEQ's to taste (probably starting from a fully attenuated flat state) using my ears and probably using a spectrum RTA to match curves visually.

I'm expecting this to give me something close to a 'modeled' sonic-whatchamacallit in terms of EQ anyway.  I'll have the stuff gearmatch uses (freq response & phasing ?) and I'll have the bass control (1st CurveEQ) and the hi control (2nd CurveEQ).

Anyway, once I calibrate the equipment (bass and hi flat positions) I'm going to try it out.

I have one other piece of gear I'd like to try this with - would it be hard for me to create my own gear ?  Maybe I would use an impulse thing or maybe I could email you Aleksey, you may already have this gear ?



Sorry, but I can't really understand what do you actually want to get in the end.  You can use SpectruMatch in that way with white noise, though.  Your idea with GearMatch is not clear to me, because SpectruMatch cannot capture phase difference, and SpectruMatch cannot be used to capture anything close to impulse responses.  You can capture the EQ curve trend with it, only.

But if you have some hardware gear you wish to use as a GearMatch option, we can work something out (contact me via e-mail, please).

Hi Aleksey,

OK, sorry I'm still working this out.  Let me make a better description in this post.

Basically what I'm trying to do is to let CurveEQ 'model' the Bass and Hi knob on the Sonic piece of gear I have.  I thought by using Spectrumatch I could at least get the EQ characteristics (2 knobs) of the outboard gear and use it inCurveEQ.

Capturing the Equipment EQ Curve:


The thing I'm going to do with spectrumatch is to capture whitenoise running thru the actual 'sonic' piece of gear that I have.  I'll make a SONICBASS100.cps capture file that will be the results of white noise running thru the outboard gear with the BASS knob turned up 100%.  I could then say that the whitenoise has 'sonic' gear bass EQ compensation.

I'll do the same with the HI knob and end up with SONICHI100.cps caputure file.  I could then say that the whitenoise has 'sonic' gear hi EQ compensation.

Matching the Captured files to a mix or White Noise:


Later with CurveEQ inserted in my editor application I will load the captured SONICBASS100.cps file and perform a Spectrumatch using 60 EQ points.  There are 2 different approaches for this:

1.  SpectruMatch a mix to the SONICBASS100 bass compensated capture file.  This will initially sound terrible just like it would if the actual gear had its bass knob turned up 100 %.  But using the attenuate arrows in CurveEQ I can effectively turn the bass down just like I would on the outboard unit.

2.  Spectrumatch whitenoise to the SONICBASS100 bass compensated capture file.  Save the resulting EQ curve as a preset.  Then simply use the preset and the attenuate arrows to simulate lowering the BASS knob.

Adding Gearmatch - the extra bonus !


Since gearmatch already has a 'sonic' piece of gear that has whatever characteristics associated with it (frequency response and phase ?  I'm not sure) I'll just add the 'sonic' piece of gear in CurveEQ.

So instead of using Spectrumatch to match a favorite mix I'm trying to use it to match some favorite EQ settings on a piece of equipment.  Adding the gearmatch would seem to be an extra bonus.

I realize this isn't exactly modeling but it sounded like fun and something that you might have meant for us to try anyway !  I'm going to try this over the weekend so we'll see.

Thanks for comments,


Option "2" sounds like a correct approach.  With the option "1" you can't get 'sane' results since the mix does not have the frequency characteristic of the white noise.

Yes, GearMatch is mostly a bonus.

You can also try to use impulse recovery process (with the Deconvolver) with your outboard gear.  If the recovered impulse is good, I might think about including it as a GearMatch option.

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.