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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

Hi Aleksey (or anyone in the know),

From time to time I've noticed a really great feature especially after I do a Match and there is an EQ curve in the viewer window.  If I adjust the EQ curve up or down it seems that the changes are compensated in some way.  In other words the Bass and Hi EQ points change at a greater value than the Mid EQ points.

If I select all the EQ points with the mouse (and they have the little dotted circles around them) then the up/down arrows seems to move all points on the Curve an equal amount.

I tried to find mention of this in the manual but must've read over it.

This is not a bug for me !  I like the pivot point compensated up/down arrow as well as the equal amount up/down arrow.  How do I change between the modes and how do I set the pivot point ?


This sounds strange!  If no points were selected, all points must be adjusted using up/down buttons.  Only if you choose some points those selected will be adjusted.  Possibly, you've recovered some minor bug in this sense?

Please, could you be more specific about what are you doing?

BTW, up/down arrows actually amplificate/attenuate points.  This means, they don't 'move' points and if your mids were near 0 dB line, you won't see any change there.

Hi Aleksey,

Sorry - I left my brain out in the sun too long.

That's exactly what I saw - whith no points selected - points near the mids not moving and other points further out from the 0dB line moving further from - or closer to 0dB depending on which arrow (up or down) I pushed.

I got mixed up...

Good grief ! :) Thanks


On the other hand...

Here's something cool and is what had me confused.

It looks like, when points are created (reset to 7 bands - for example) they have no sense of direction (0 gain) relative to the 0dB demarkation line on the graph.  I can bang on the arrows all day long and no points will amplify or attenuate trying to find their way back home to 0db gain.

If I move a point to give a negative gain of -6dB and another point to give a positive gain of +6dB and then hit the attenuate (down arrow) the points will both move towards 0db and the curve will become flat.

Later on if I come back to that curve and forget that I have attenuated and select other points and hit amplify or attenuate I can get some very wierd looking curve movements.  Like certain points have a 'direction' programmed in there.  Of course they don't they're attempting to return to a previous setting.

Sometimes the curve will even appear to pivot.  I can get some of the presets to do that like - 'more vitality'.  If I hit the amplify arrow the curve appears to pivot on the center red point (the one around 1166Hz)...

it's actually not, the other points have +/- gain so amplifying that makes the + gain points more positive and the - gain points more negative.

I like it - it's very usefull that way.  If that's a bug please don't fix that one!  It's the only tool I have that'll do that !

OK, enough monkey business...back to work (pushing points around)...


This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.