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I would like to suggest that you implemnt in CurveEQ a mix level know (with visual feedback).  That is especially useful when in match mode (thus not drawing your own curves).  Look for example at Acon DeFilter as an example of good implementation.

Also, a curve smoothing knob would be nice to have.

And when talking about missing features: I miss the old gear-match and the saturator and vintage modules a lot.  These were really great additions and I hope you reimplement them in the new CurveEQ.

Thanks and cheers, drjee

Actually I saw that you have inplemented something similar to mix level with visual feedback in GlissEQ: curve scaling.  Just implement that like-wise in CourveEQ.

And another feature from GlissEQ would make a lot of sense in CurveEQ, too: Areas.

Finally a third, additional to the above post, Suggestion: let us Chose what the spectrum graph Shows: a) out (default), b) in, c) in and out 8 (in different colors of course)

I hope, we will see that in CurveEQ.  Cheers, drjee

Thanks for your suggestions, but I won't add these features to CurveEQ.  Curve scaling is not easy to implement in GlissEQ.

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