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In reaper is show that latency is 2332/2560 samples. this is very large and allow no realtime play.  512 samples is good. is it possible to decrease latency when min phase mode is enable ?.

when press button right from curve 3 (arrow up/down) then you can scale the level of the curve in %. when i move this to for example 30% then after release and click again it show 100%(but still 30%). i think it should stay at 30% so i know what value i need set to get old 100% setting again.

another thing: I use it for speaker calibration and load a pink wave in.  This is show not as a line.  I notice that Slope need change to 3. default is 4.5.  Wy is there a slope in ?. match spectrum work in any slope. only problem currently i have i get not good sound out of speaker with curveeq. mostly sound too dull. with melda free form eq work better, and 0 latency in minimum phase, but meldafreeformEQ do not support diffrent settings for left and right channels and curve eq i like more, because can have additional curve and scale the curve in % and some other. maybe somebody can suggest better settings for the analyser and match spectrums ?.  I also try the predef pink noise as reference

Variable latency is only available in AudioUnit plugins, for VST it is not available, because most host audio applications do not support changing latency in real-time.

Curve scale change always starts at 100%, because it is a relative setting.

Slope is only a visual hint, it does not affect how equalizer works.  You can set it to any useful value.

I suggest you to try white noise for matching.

Its strange i have click the process bypass switch(flicker red) so Eq settings should did not anything do in analyser view. but when i change Eq settings, analyser view change too. so how can i switch the EQ off, that i see analyse view without any EQ setting ?. that analyser work wrong is because EQ can not switch off

Bypass does not affect analyzer.  I suggest you to use A/B comparison to check spectrum without EQ setting.

thanks with A/B setting is ok, but then lost the compare diffrent EQ settings feature. curve eq have much features, to be perfect, maybe code can change that there is for analyser a Pre and Post EQ Switch ?

The always large latency is main problem.  Is it not possible that you build a realtime version with 256 Samples latencies and min phase mode ?. this is 5.5 ms latency at 44.1 khz. good enough. expert musican do not hear latency below 8 ms can read. but 11 ms 512 bytes is good enough for me. minimum phase sound good too, i only hear diffrent in small large boosts.  Or maybe its possible that frequency over 200 hz work linear phase and below 200 hz work minimum phase ?.

In Curve 1 Curve 2 Curve 3 buttons there can add same as in arrow up arrow down button the % value but absolute.  0-200%. so can for each curve try diffrent settings and can later go back to old. in bias amp or revalver there is AMP match feature for guitar in. there is knob that can set the strength betweeen 0 and 100%. so can easy try out diffrent settings and can always go back easy to 100%

I can't reduce latency for VST, it's also hard to make different phase response for lower and higher frequencies together.

I find by search "vst3 latency plugintest" a thread from you

I test VST3 version this have too 2332 samples.  I have reaper 5.x

i also want use on equalizer apo(A system-wide equalizer for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10) . this can now add VST plugins, so all programs that output sound should speaker corrrect with curveeq too).  I test VST2 version. latency of curveeq depend on EQ curve. if default setting latency is 2332 samples.

when load a complex EQ curve it go down with match spectrum 60 points to 679 samples. this is ok too. when switch to min phase mode, always 2332 samples. normaly min phase need no latency.

when i do match spectrum with 10 points then it switch to 1076 samples. strange wy less points need larger latency.  I can delete points in bass, but reduce not more the latency. how can i send you screenshot ?. i modify the 10 point curve a little bring 2. point more to bass and latency is 490 samples. thats good drop from 1076 samples to 490 samples. i dont think equalizer apo work wrong, because it work on all programs correct and in min phase mode in melda freeform EQ it show 0(same as reaper).question is wy curve eq need so much change latency

I take a look on Marvel GEQ this is named as linear phase EQ. it have latency of 392 samples. this is excellent. but wy curveEQ can not work fixed at 392 samples ?

Marvel GEQ uses a filter with a different size, with less spectral precision.  Sorry, but CurveEQ's latency can't be set to 0, I can't do that due to VST limitations.
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