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Please can someone give me a more detailed description of the 4 different spectrum analysis types and when best to use them.

Some people on the net suggest to use the 'AVG' setting (like so in the manual; 'instead of a default real-time spectrum which may give inconsistent matching results').

I've experimented with this and to me the 'max' setting seems more logical because it gives me more of a complete spectrum of the track i like to sample.  Is this wrong to assume so.

At the moment i can't really say what sounds best.


when using two spectrum takes for reference, let's say the first one 'avg' the second one 'max' (2nd spectrum), what happens when i push 'match spectrums'.  Does it blend the two spectrums together before manipulating the 'apply to' curve?  Or am i totally in the mist here.

I'm at the beginning of building myself a preset bank from a lot of tracks I've selected so it should be nice to do it wright from the start.

Many thanks.

Average spectrum is generally more representative than the Max spectrum.

When you select two Reference spectrums, they are blended.  Mixing Max and Avg spectrums can be useful.

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