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Forums     Plugins     CurveEQ Odd behavior in New Version w/ Logic 9.1.8

I just downloaded the latest (3.2) version of CurveEQ and I am having a new, strange behavior where when I try to open the (e.g.) User window or the Static & Match window, the new windows don't float on top of the arrange page like they used to.  They either flash and then disappear, or flash and then hide behind the main Logic screen.

Is this a known issue or is there a fix of some kind?

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this issue, so I can't tell what's wrong and how this can be fixed.

Do you run Logic in 64-bit mode?  Which Mac OS X version?

64 bit, yes.  The bug is not consistently repeatable, but seems to always occur during higher CPU load.  Hope that helps.

Please send me a message via Support page - I will send you a development version if you have some time to try it out.  Maybe it will fix the issue.

I will do.  It's happening w/out significant load now.  V. strange.
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