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Hi.  Just bought CurveEQ, Two questions:

1) Is there a wet/dry function or a percentage (amount) to apply the reference spectra to the target?  It seems there should be one, and perhaps I just haven't found a way to do this yet?

Oftentimes, I am finding that I am needing that control.  For example, in Logic's Match EQ, there is a percentage slider of how much adjustment gets applied.

2) Is there a way when pulling eq nodes up or down (level) or left or right (frequency) to only pull one direction?  Is there a modifier key perhaps?  Meaning, often times I want to make minute freq. or level adjustments, but find the mouse fidelity usually messes things up. (eg, I just want to lower the level of a node, and I end up moving the frequency as well.) It would be great to have a modifier or a preference for "drag one way only."

Hope that makes sense.  Glad to explain more if needed.  I'm sure there are easy ways to accomplish these two items and I probably am not seeing the solution.


Any ideas on how to achieve either of these two things?

You can use the Scale button to adjust the amount of matching filtering.

Hold the Ctrl key to move control points up/down only.

CTRL Key - thanks.

For the other, I can't see any Scale Button anywhere, nor in the CurveEQ manual - where is the scale button?

Nevermind.  I found the scale button.  Very strange (maybe a bug) in that I was trying to drag over the up/down arrows, but nothing happened in my session.  Though, if I open a new session, it works fine.  Maybe something about that session...

Last question - is there a way to see a percentage or amount of scaling that is taking place?  This is a good thing to have for reference.

There's a bug present with the scale button- it will be fixed eventually.

It isn't possible to see the scale amount- I find this to be unuseful.

Hi, please I need curve eq version 2.6.demo urgently...thank you guys.

We do not distribute older version software - if you have a product key, you can download it at the User Area.
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