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just a quick idea:

adding automation on curves: simple up down for the whole curve in freeform would be the little touch to make it perfect!

i understand why u dont want to add automation in such plugin and indeed doesnt need it but the above idea would make a bit more diverse.



CurveEQ is not a plug-in suitable for any kind of automation, because its EQ curve change function is quite CPU-demanding.

Automation on/off?

Tell u why i think of this:

When matching with 3 curves from 3 samples at least an automated snapshot is welcome.

Otherwise i can use 3 instances and automate in/out.

Now that c7 is out i can say officially what a great plugin this is!

The fft covers all material and the graphics make it easy to find the right settings visually,

I just think that a freeform curve automation on the curves would give something!

In the other hand its your product!



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