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Hi all...

I am having trouble getting Voxengo's curve EQ to impose a spectrum from a source to a target.  I'd really appreciate some help if it's no trouble...

In an instance of version 3.1 of the plugin, which is allocated on a channel with the reference audio I'd like to ghost...  I am opening the 'static and match' page.  Then BEFORE I click on any of the take buttons I play the guide audio through the plugin for about 10 seconds.  Only after that do I hit the first 'take' button in the first row in the static and match page.  At this point the interface shows a curve and so I think it is correctly identifying a spectrum.  I then name and save the curve in the static and match page.

After that I open another instance of the plugin on another channel with the audio I want to copy the EQ curve to.  I load the spectrum I saved in the first instance of the plugin into the first row in the static and match page.  Then I play ten seconds of the target audio on the 2nd channel into the 2nd instance of the plugin and hit the first 'take' button in the next row down in the static and match page (with the reference spectrum already loaded into the row above it).

At this point I'm stumped ... if I set the first row to 'reference' and the second to 'apply to' I can't hear any audible results.  By first printing a highly filtered source as the reference I have performed experiments where the differences should be very noticeable.  I've spent a good 3 hours on this now and I can't seem to find a way to get there.  I'm sure I'm making a very rudimentary mistake and I'm sure there must be a simple and quick way to correct what I'm doing.

After setting the Reference and Apply To flags you also have to press the Match Spectrums button once.
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