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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.





New beta of CurveEQ has been released.  The changes are as follows:

1.  Thread-safety code reimplemented.

2.  Added "minimum-phase" filter mode.  When this mode is enabled CurveEQ actually designs an analog style FIR-filter, without pre-echoing.  This creates a non-linear phase filter which in fact sounds even more vintage.

3.  Implemented "spectrum type" global setting.  Now if you feel more comfortable with 1/6, 1/3, 2/3, etc. octave spectral display you can use it instead of the default full resolution display.

Since I have upgraded thread-safety code, this version can hang.  However, I've tested it and everything worked like before.  If everything works for you too, then overall stability must increase.

I also REALLY want to hear comments on minimum-phase filter mode.  I think this mode ROCKS.  I don't know for sure, but maybe this is something new for DAWs.  I believe this mode beats even a linear-phase filtering since it does not introduce pre-echoing that can destroy dynamics, also it does not create 'fluffy' sound if the filter is steep.  There's one drawback of decrease of low frequency control.


Best regards,



I'm a registered owner of CurveEQ 1.7.  Is there any point in downloading these new beta versions or will there be official updates posted as soon as new features get implemented and tested?


Only release version will be posted officially.  If you wish to use new features immediately there's no point to wait for release.  You can always store v1.7 setup exec somewhere for the case if beta has some bug.  You won't lose anything by installing CurveEQ over and over again.

Hi Aleksey

What is the logic of the M-P ( minimum phase ) / L-P ( linear phase ) switch ?

If it shows M-P, does that mean Minimum Phase is currently used,

or does it mean, i will get Minimum Phase, AFTER I hit the button.

I'm quite sure, it's the first ...

BUT, i seem to get a BETTER Low End resolution when M-P is shown on the button !

And You said, low end control will be decreased ?!

As for the algo :

I have to admit, that i don't hear big differences, as i don't use very steep curves, at the moment.

I surely like to have the M-P option, though !!

BTW.: 1.8a, crashed Cubase SX 1.051, once, when i tried to close the GUI.

The GUI was set to 'always on top' and i have my middle mouse button set to 'close application'.

Never had this before.

It has to be said, that SX has problems with handling exceptions.

They are working on a fix.

bye, Jan

As for GUI controls, what you currently see is what is currently used.  So, if you see "M-P", then you have minimum-phase filter enabled.

Do you have constant crashes in SX with v1.8a?  Actually, I have also found a hang-up problem in this v1.8a.  I think I will post a new beta in a week.

Yep, crash can be reproduced.

Hi again,

All older songs, where CurveEQ 1.7 was used, open CurveEQ 1.8a, in M-P mode !!

Should be L-P mode ?!

peace, Jan

Hm...  Right.  That's a bug for sure.  I'll take care of it.  Thanks.

Has anyone had any bad luck with opening several instances of this EQ?  I have been getting some weird stuff.  It seem the asio pops on and off when multiples are used in Cubase Sx ver  Audio turns off and on with a asio "POP",.  I tried this with the Aardvark Q10 & Seasound Solo EX, with the same results!!! :( Also there seems to be a delay on VSTi tracks and regular Audio group tracks, is that normal.  Are these known bug issuses, will the beta CurveEQ 1.8a fix this problem????Other wise this is the most Awsome eq I've used.  Another question about the hardware models.  Does the eq's sound just like the Avalon or Neive eq would sound on the hardware versions etc?????

Otherwise Great EQ Plug...


Hi Jim,

SX doesn't compensate plugin delay on Group and VSTi Tracks.

This will change with SX2, which will be released some time this year.

peace, Jan

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.