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I'm finding spectrum matching in v3 to be hard to figure out.  I get how to capture the first spectrum by playing the track back, waiting for the spectrum to stabilize and then pressing the Take button.  What I can't figure out is how to capture the second spectrum.  The display does not update when I play back the second file.  I still just see the average spectrum of the first one.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can reset the spectrum by clicking on the control surface once.

Thanks, Aleksey.  That worked and I'm now able to capture the second spectrum.  I don't see the ability to widen/narrow the resulting curve like we could in v2, though.  Has that been taked away?  I hope not as that feature is the reason I use CurveEQ.

You can widen/narrow the curve in V3 - please use the up/down arrow button near the "Inv" button.

Thanks, Aleksey.  That button is greyed out.  How do I enable it?

Ah, I figured it out.  You have to drag as opposed to just click it.  Is there any way to do this in steps rather than the continuous way it seems to work by default?  I like continuous, but the stepped option would be nice.  Thanks.

No stepped scaling option is available - I do not see how it's better than the continuous change.

I like it in that it's easier to keep track of how much I've changes all or part of the spectrum from the original curve, especially if i want to reset part, but not all, of it.  I really liked the ability to do it both ways in v2 and am disappointed to see the functionality go away.  Please consider reimplementing it in a future update.

You may use A/B comparison and undo history for that kind of difference evaluation.

Adjusting the desired full FFT matching curves from a "reference" to "applied" FFT stamp is a bit different in mousing procedure compared to V2 , Happy to say this Forum helped me figure it out



Perhaps a fader or Rotary with Numeric % figure on the GUI could be a request.  Just sayin'

Having a 64bit version of this plugin far exceeds the operational, and excuse the pun, operational learning curve

This is my number one "mr. fix it" Voxengo plugin



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