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Once in a few years I visit this place.  In 2008 I purchased a licence which I believe was lifetime (?) for CurveEQ.  I now build myself a new Win7 system and the CurveEQ needs updated from 32 to 64 bit.

I only used it for the brilliant RIAA EQ so it must be either me or the software but I can't find the RIAA EQ anymore in CurveEQ.  Before there was a myriad of presets, now I see only 3.  Also, when I enter my serial number or my username and password to register the new software, it keeps telling me that this account does not appear to have a license.

I still have the mail with the license agreement if needed.

Please help, I'm really hooked to that RIAA EQ. :)


Please visit the User Area and download CurveEQ V2 from there - it includes the RIAA preset.  You are trying to use your version 2 key with CurveEQ version 3, which isn't possible.

Thanks, I managed to make V 2.6 work with Win7 64.

Here a freeware plugin: (RIAA - phono equalization).

Not sure if it's better than CurveEQ ...

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