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With old version 2.6 there was an executeable called "Spectrum Capture Tool".

This was an extreme time-saver because it allowed to capture spectrums from uncompressed WAV files in offline mode and use them in CurveEQ.

Will this be available in v3.x, too?

Yes, such tool will be added to the new version of CurveEQ in some later update.


That will be great.  I really like the new version of CurveEQ but I miss the Spectrum Capture Tool a lot.  It was one thing that really set CurveEQ apart from other EQ matching plugins.

When you do implement a new Spectrum Capture Tool, is there any way you could set it up to open EQ curves saved from old version and convert them to a format the v3 plugin can read?  I have a whole library of captured EQ curves (.cqs files) I access on occasion and I'd like to be able to use them with the version 3 plugin.

I know you decided to remove certain features, which made it impossible to load version 2.x presets, but perhaps you could use your new Spectrum Capture Tool as a way to access the EQ curves stored in the old presets.  As with my library of EQ curves, I have a library of presets that are mostly just EQ curves (I rarely used the gear presets, etc.) and rather than having to draw approximations of those EQ curves, it'd be very nice to be able to bring them into the new version and take advantage of its great new features.

On a larger scale, have you ever considered coming up with a tool for converting EQ curves stored in presets from your different EQ programs so that they could be used in other Voxengo EQs?  You have a nice variety of EQs with varied features and it would be tremendous to be able, for example, to capture an EQ curvein CurveEQ, match something to it, then take the resulting matching curve and save it then open the curve in GlissEQ to take advantage of its dynamics capabilities.  You've done an outstanding job standardizing your interface so it'd be great if there were some way for you to standardize your EQ curve file format, perhaps by repurposing the coding for your .cqs file format.  That way, you'd have a standard EQ curve file format across all Voxengo EQs and allow those of us who've built up a library of cqs files to use them with any Voxengo EQ we own.

Unfortunately, the older CQS format contains a greatly simplified representation of the spectrum while new CurveEQ version stores full-featured spectrum.  So, they are basically incompatible.

On your idea of sharing EQ settings between plug-ins, this isn't really possible to implement because GlissEQ uses analog-like filter bands while CurveEQ allows you to draw arbitrary EQ shapes.  These are two completely different representations, not conversible to each other in a general case.

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