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Forums     Plugins     CurveEQ How Can I Sucessfully Install Demo of Version 3 Curve EQ?

Very glad to see this upgrade come along... however, I've tried to install the plug-in trial, following instructions on how to do so to the letter but my host does not see it at all.  All it sees is my older (registered) previous Curve EQ version.  I additionally tried removing the old version from the VST folder and then installing the new trial, but it still is unseen by my host (Izotope RX 2).

Any help on how to get to try out the new version?  Anyone else hoving the same issue?

(I understand from a previous post that the old version and the new version can co-exist without interfering with each other, but of course, I'm not seeing that happening either.)

Many thanks...

Please make sure you are installing the correct version - win32 or win64, depending on Izotope RX version.
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