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Dear Anyone.

I use Voxengoi Curve EQ with Sionsoft';s Quick Score Elite level 2, and many VST''s.  Windows XP SP2, 3.2ghz processor, 2gig RAM, about 100gig hard drive free.  Soundcard as in title.

It's a beautiful thing - in theory.  In practice, whenever I use it, when I play the piece back the instrument with the Curve EQ on it stutters.  Sometimes it plays, then it stops, then it restarts again.  Once in a blue moon you get a flawless take and the result sounds great - but you can try for a day, or much longer, to get a result without dropouts.  Also, if you're using more than one instance of it and you put the second instance window on top of the first instance by mistake - no settings change, you've simply moved the window with the mouse - 7 times out of 10 it'll crash QSE Elite and you'll lose all the work you've done (and haven't saved!) And of course the settings - when you restart QSE, the Voxengo settings will be back to a straight line.  I've taken to saving screenshots of the settings to save time re-doing them!  But the main prob's this dropout, start/stop business.  I'd settle for one instance of it per song if I could get a clean run with it.

It's so ANNOYING, because if it only worked properly I'd use it instead of anything else - it's got a built-in speccy analyzer, the lot.  Nothing else I've got comes close.  Please, can anyone tell me the cause of this start-stop playback problem and what I can do to solve it?

Yours hopefully


I use CurveEQ, Warmifier, Soniformer, Elephant, and Pristine space all at the same time on an AMD 2.8 ghz dual core / 2 Gig mem with no problems...I doubt this is a CurveEQ issue.  There are so many things you need to look at.

For starters, why are you using XP SP2?  Your "once in a blue moon" statement leads me to believe you do not have n optimized DAW at all.


Dear JR.

I'm a noob.  I've got a fairly good computer and I'm trying to learn how to write music on it.  I don't know enough to know what you mean by 'optimised DAW' - if you could elaborate, I'll set up my computer the way you say, maybe that will cure the problem.  If you tell me what other things I need to try/look at, I'll tru them.

I'm a beginner at this game.  I just walk around with a headful of New Age melodies and wanted to actually write them, so I got notation software because I'm disabled and can't play a keyboard - yeah I can type, but playing a music keyboard's beyond my co-ordination - got Cerebral Palsy going on.  I don't know what most of those plug-ins are, I just bought Curve EQ because you can add as many dots as you like to the line and it's got a built-in spectrum analyzer which makes finding unwanted sounds a doddle.  I don't know what's causing the sound dropouts, I just know that if I used Curve I can guarantee they'll happen.

What can I do to make them less likely?  If it's too big a question for you to have the time to answer, where can I go to discover how to set up my system to make them less likely?  I'm getting a terabyte hard drive, so I can partition it up so one area's just for making music on.  All techie help gratefully accepted.

Yours respectfully


I'm sorry to hear you are getting non-recoverable crashes.  The crashes may be due to some QSE quirk - never heard from anyone using other hosts about such problem.  I may also suggest you to update graphics drivers - since this problem may also be related to graphics system.  Or simply try not to overlap CurveEQ windows.

As far as drop-outs are concerned, this may be expected if you are using small soundcard buffer size like 64 or 128 samples.  The optimal soundcard buffer size for CurveEQ is 1024, 512 is the minimum for glitch-free operation.  This limitation cannot be resolved from our side and should be considered a technical requirement.

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.