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Forums     Plugins     CurveEQ Bug or problem with rendering in Wavelab

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

BTW, version number is printed in the bottom right part of the GUI (slightly above buttons).

Sorry about that.  It is version 1.7U


You can now download a newer version 1.7v at  Please, let me know how it works for you.

Still no go.

I downloaded version 1.7v and now it makes the right channel one big blob of very low frequency sound (1 Hz) At least it is not making the file mono anymore.

I am going to try this with Sonic Foundry and couple of other editing programs to see if it is the same in all of them.

Any thing you can do would be appreciated.


OK, please, tell me which plugins do you chain exactly.  One by one.  I'll try to reproduce that bug with wavelab demo I've downloaded.  Also, can you try to disable vintage processing and saturation?  Maybe it's some particular problem.


First i like to say hello again to Aleksey !

You might remember me from a few mails, when i wanted to buy MarvelEQ

and it wasn?t available anymore.

( thanx for the free EssEQ, by the way ! )

Well, now i?m a very happy CurveEQ owner :-)

Back to toppic :

I just did some quick tests with Curve EQ 1.7t and Waves 4.0 RC1 RenEQ and C4, in Cubase SX 1.051.

( I?m Waves beta tester, and still have the release candidate, here on my notebook.

But it?s the same as the current official 4.0 )

Using Audio Mixdown, always creates stereo files.

I?m not using Wavelab.

Will do some testing in Samplitude 7.02, tomorrow.


You may update the Waves plugs to 4.0, or at least to 3.6 !

( Version 4.0 introduces a protection update, that leads to crashes, during install on my DAW !

No Problems on my other mashines, though .... and yes, it?s still Pace ... )

peace, Jan

I have run a couple tests and realized that Wavelab does not like processing Voxengo and any other type of equalizer at the same time-

I also rendered Voxengo and Ozone, a program from Izotope, at the same time and it rendered both channels with a 1Hz tone.

Similar types of processes occured with Voxengo and Vintage Warmer from PSP, Ren.  EQ from Waves, Q10 from Waves, and Graphic EQ from Sonic Foundry.  What does this mean?

We had no problems with any other type of plugin- so it appears that Voxengo does not like to render with anyother equalizing plugin at the same time in Wavelab.  Sonic Foundry does not use VST plugins, so we could not check it there, and I don't have the latest version of Samplitude.

How can it be possible for a virtual plugin to not process stereo information correctly when rendered, when it will do it when it is just played back?  Could it have something to do with the way Waves and others split their stereo files when EQ'ing since you can do each channel individually or together?

Thanks for all your help.


Thomas, please, try a new beta v1.7w

If it still does not work, please, tell me how do you chain plug-ins (which is first, which is second, etc).  Do you use saturation and/or vintage processing?

No Problems with rendering Waves and CurveEQ 1.7t in Samplitude 7.02 !

peace, Jan


I would be interested in knowing what was causing it?



This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.