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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

Finally, I have found a way to make saturator perform in a way I wanted from the very start.  Actually, it became a limiter which is pretty comparable to L2, Anwida L1V, PSP VintageWarmer single band limiters.  But CurveEQ's also has a built-in saturation curve dependency which makes it more flexible (three operation modes).

So, please, check it out at and report back.  If it really works for you, I will possibly make a separate plug-in out of it with many controls.  Just drop me a note if it is a nice idea.

Stay tuned for Sonic Finalizer too.  It will rock the floor. :)



Nice job, Aleskey.  Seems to me that the saturator is clearer-sounding, not so smeary as the other, though of course I didn't get a chance to A/B them.

It's still a bit of a mystery to me exactly what happens with the gear emulations if it's not strictly an eq thing; I don't quite understand the "phase" aspect being talked about.  But I definitely like the concept behind the eq, and the choice of all the tone colors.  I don't think any other company is going quite as far as you in this direction.

It would be nice to have little arrows or some such so that I could click through the options more easily, if such a thing is possible.

Keep up the great work.


Actually, that latest version has some 'gear' tips in the help file.  Check it out.  I think it can't be clarified further, because it is actually impossible to describe all gear options in great details.

Ahh, I didn't know the helpf file had been updated.  Yes it is much better.  Thanks!

When you get minute, could you describe what you did to the saturator in this last update?

Nice.  I'm liking Curve EQ more and more.

Actually, you know, I was just thinking.  On a lot of sounds I wouldn't use the "vintage" or saturation controls, while on others the level of the effect is just great.  But there are a lot of times I really wish I could crank up the effect.

I realize that the gear sets are pretty much imprints and there's nothing to "crank up," but when it comes to the vintage and saturation settings, don't you think it would greatly increase the flexibility of the CurveEQ if there were a slider so that one could set the amount of either of these effects one added to the signal?  I think a lot of people would suddenly find it usable in many many more situations if the user could adjust the intensity.  I know I would.

I'm sure you have your hands full with your Finalizer, but this could be a really amazing addition to CurveEQ so I'd like to submit it for your consideration.


Yes, vintage processing can be controlled to some degree...  But it will require two additional sliders which I don't know where to put.  And the other thing that stops me from adding such controls is a simplicity of overtuning.

As for saturator, I worked on it for some more time and now it performs quite well (much better than it worked in the previous version available on the download page).

Saturator in fact cannot be controlled at all.  I have made a DSP design that does not have a place for release control, and so it does not eat dynamics at all.  Attack is fixed to 1.5 ms.  I hope that now CurveEQ can be also used as a vintage loudness maximizer.  I will add a 'loudness maximizer' preset in the final release.  The good thing is that CurveEQ is a linear phase EQ and it allows to slightly cut higher frequencies making limiting much more pleasant.  However, I must admit it does not compete with Waves L2 since I'm using saturation which brightens sound a lot and I have some other limiter algo which tends to sound cracky with much pre gain (this cracking sounds nicer than a plain brickwall limiting, though).  Anyways, I think CurveEQ now can 'beat' VintageWarmer in some aspects.  At least, I have tried to get some nice vintage smashy drums and that worked!  So, if somebody still decides about VW, they can check out CurveEQ.


Well I own both your CurveEQ and the Vintage Warmer, and I think they both have an important place in a person's toolkit.  Your software allows much finer control of individual frequency ranges, obviously, and very much has its own color, or should I say colors?

I guess it's because I tend to work with more in-your-face kind of sounds, and a lot of the Curve's vintage and saturation settings are just too subtle to make a difference in many situations.  But of course sometimes the light touch is exactly what you need.  I suppose I just wish I had "extreme" settings.  I'd love to hear how you did the drum smashing.

I'm very glad that you might consider adding slikders to the vintage settings.  This would solve the too-subtle problem.  As far as the GUI making new sliders difficult, I'd be glad to volunteer to experiment with some (hopefully subtle) design changes that might make it possible.  I used to do that sort of work for the software division of a publishing house here in New York.  I'll have to find time for it though.

Thanks for taking a break from the Finalizer to answer this!


You can try drum smashing at> and < (these links won't last for too long).

I still have to consider adding those sliders.  Maybe later in the future.

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.