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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.


While I was reading the manual regarding GearMatch I came across something that is confusing.  From what I thought, GearMatch was basically the freq curve of a piece of hardware derived from an impulse response.  Yet in the manual it talks about the fact that the GearMatch wont have a perferct straight line response, and that this is hard if to achieve.  Why would you want a straight freq response in the first place?  Is there something else GearMatch is doing besides chaging the sound via the freq curve?  It seems to me that if you did have a GearMatch with a flat freq line then it wouldnt do anything to the sound.



The most intriguing in gear options is phase adjustment.  So even if curve will be a straight line, phase response will be shifted.  And so far it works good.

I think soon CurveEQ will have all gear options bundled as straight-line responses.  So to say, phase will be derived from gear options while desired EQ curve must be drawn with CurveEQ.

Ok thank you for the explanation.  How do we make our own impulses and how can we get them into GearMatch?  I have some nice outboard stuffI could contribute.  Otari MX-70 1" * Track.  Dbx 160SL Blue, RE150 Space Echo, Daking EQ, Speck EQ, Sherman Filterbank, SP1200.  Could make some interesting impulses with these for single track use.


Yes, you can contribute some.  You can visit and get test tones and recovery utility from there.  It was tested and works fine.  Just send me then recovered 24-bit file and we will check it out and see if they are usable.

If your impulses are good, you will be credited in "?" dialog and your gear options added.  So far, CurveEQ has about 40 selected gear options offering different types of colouration and implied equalization.

Ok great I'll get on it.

In the future will there be a way for the user to create their own list of GearMatch presets for personal use?  Say I want to make my own and not have to wait for them to be accepted in an actual release.

For now, I don't plan on adding this feature, because in fact building a bank is not a so straight-forward task.  This feature can be added only if I ever get to write a special utility for building such banks.  Another possibly odd thing in this is that many banks cannot be run together.  So, if you install one bank, another one won't be active and existing presets will map to some other gear options.

Anyways, what do you think about all this?

Well it would be nice to use my own, but I understand you only have so much time.  I wouldnt be bothered witht he bank limitation.

By the way do I need to use all 3 of the sine sweeps to make my own



No, just use 6 or 12 second sweep.  Actually, that's a question of time you have.  With 12 second sweep you'll get more precise results while you will also spend more time on it.  Also, please, check site and its forum for more information on impulse capture.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.