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Anyone used CurveEQ with Magix Music Studio?  I'm wanting to know if there are any compatability issues.

Well I went ahead and got the program.

The supplied VST wrapper won't let me load .fxp files into either Soniformer, CurveEQ or Elephant.  In every other respect the plugins work fine, all settings are saved properly with the project file.  If it becomes a serious issue I may have to buy another VST-DX wrapper.

This issue effects the program called Audio Studio, which is part of the package.  The program called Midi Studio, (another part of the package) handles VSTs natively.  I don't plan on using Midi Studio, since it is surplus to my requirements and doesn't have the mixing features I need.

AV, I don't expect you to do anything about this.  I just wanted the forum to know how it went.

I guess you may use a built-in Voxengo preset manager to load/save .fxp files.


(sound of palm hitting forehead)

Thanks, that's done the trick...  I guess I was just so used to using the load/save facility of the Host app.

I'm probably going to buy the e-version (e-mail distributed) of Audio Studio 2005.  I had been looking for a good audio editor below $50 and I think AS is the best of the bunch (Audacity, Acoustica, GoldWave, SoundForge Studio, and many others).

I've been playing with the demo version and was happy to see it loaded all my plugins (DX and VST), and had a few decent fx of its own.  Its noise reduction tool is pretty good, which is something I was looking for.

Handling of plugins is a little bit flaky, but you can learn how to be careful to avoid any crashes, which, I might say, Audio Studio handles very well.  When a plugin crashes, Audio Studio lets you know about it and advises you to save your work, close, and reopen the program.

Anyway, very recommended for those on a budget.  Just tried loading and saving presets on my Voxengo plugins (using the plugin's or the dx-vst adapter load&save functions) and it worked fine.

I would have bought the e-version, since I really only need the Audio Studio, but one of the limitations is lower screen resolution.  I don't know what that means, but since I am running 1400x1050, I didn't want to be forced into another screen mode.

It's probably not really an issue.

I though I'd like to try some of the synths which come with the box version, but so far I can't get them to work, and the hassle to learn is not yet overshadowed by the desire to use them.

Strange that I can't get the wrapper to load/save properly then, but given the nightmare of compatability issues I've been through lately, it's a very small problem.  I finally got FL Studio and Emulator X working properly.

I have only had one crash with Audio Studio. (I was just setting up an Aux for reverb at the time, but no problems since then).  I have had a good play around with it now.  No problem at all with Soniformer, CurveEQ and Elephant.

Still it's good to know that it 'crashes' in a nice way.

The other program to look at if you are on a budget is Krystal.  But it is much more limited that Audio Studio.

I think that "low resolution" here means that the image content of the program (ie.- the mixer, logos, buttons, splash screen, etc.) are of lower quality than those of the full packed version (probably to achieve a lighter download size), but you can actually use the program in high resolutions (I'm using 1280x1024 here) with no problems at all.  It just doesn't look as pretty, especially the included fx.

Of course, you already bought the Music Studio but you could have downloaded a 14-day trial version of Audio Studio and maybe saved enough money to buy another plugin from Aleksey....  Just kidding...  I'd buy a boxed version but the shipping would cost as much as the product, so I'm fine with the e-version and the pdf manual.

I actually saw the boxed version in a store, and it reminded me of the program (which I had dismissed and forgot about).

But I could not find a demo on the site at all... and I really looked.  Oh well, it's all done now.  I wonder if the version of Audio Studio you have has an updated wrapper.  I have Music Studio 2005 deluxe, but I think it is equivalent to the 2004 version in the UK.  It seems the US version is 6 months behind the European version, so the year designation is different.

The version of the wrapper i have is v3.01.6mx.

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.