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Hey...just playing around with the demo for Crunchessor.  I got the stereo sidechain thing to work with no problems in SX3...tried to do the same under Sonar, but had no luck...also tried the L->R sidechain trick most Sonar users use w/ Waves C1 (which I don't have), but no luck there either.

Could someone tell me if sidechaining under Sonar is possible, and if so, how?

Please try the latest Crunchessor 1.5.5 beta.  It should allow you to do L->R sidechaining.  There are no other means to use side-chaining in Sonar, unfortunately.

db audioware has a dynamics processor that does sidechaining in Sonar.  They pull this off by putting an instance in the "key" track and another on the track to be compressed.  They have a Send and Receive button that selects a channel (A through F in their setup), by which the two instances "hold hands".  The key track instance doesn't necessarily have to do any compression, all it needs to do is send audio to the other instance which is set up to recieve on the same channel as the key is sending on and use that audio as the side-chain input.  I suppose you could do the same thing by having a separate plug-in who's only job in life would be to provide a side-chain input to another plugin who's using the same protocol.

I can't personally speak for db audioware's audio quality, but I've seen one message on one forum that said they weren't all that happy with it.  It would be nice if Voxengo had similar functionality with better quality.  Duckers are way too cool to be without.

Is this doable?


I just went back and read most of the old sidechain posts where it becomes apparent that this isn't a new idea AND isn't unique to db audioware.  Noted that this gambit has been characterized as being unreliable or unstable.  On the other hand, other vendors have managed to make it work.  I guess this is now in the "squeaky wheel" department.  Even in Nuendo which "supports" sidechaining (sort of), the setup seems a bit byzantine.  It would be a great plus to have a simple implementation that would work for all platforms.

I will be working on it in the future, but it is a bit unreliable.  First of all, it has to be a single plug-in DLL to work - so it is not only a question of adding of additional DLL, but of a redesign of existing plug-in.  Moreover, this will add processing latency that depends on the soundcard latency you have configured.  I do not see a way for this to work differently than that.

I'm sorry to keep on flogging this, but I'm still chasing the side-chain thing in order to implement a ducker...but it suddenly occurs to me that maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree with Crunchessor since it doesn't have a separate make-up gain control.  Is this what I'm missing?  Is it possible to use Crunchessor to make a signal go away from subtely to entirely?

I'm also trying to use a Quad buss in Sonar to do the stereo side chain thing.  When you insert Crunchessor into the fx bin on a quad buss, Sonar "helps you out" by inserting TWO stereo instances of the plugin.  I was under the impression that Crunchessor could take four inputs.  How do you get Sonar to NOT insert multiple instances and just let the four inputs get assigned in (what I would think is) a logical fashion?

(I've seen a stunt where you use each instance to control one half of the stereo pair, but that again is pretty unintuitive.)

Cakewalk's VST adapter does not support VST plug-ins with more than two inputs - that's why you can't use Crunchessor on a quad bus.  There is no workaround to that.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.