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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.





Hi Aleksey,

When mixing, I often have a problem with very loud vocal parts :

I would like them, to have less high end (let's say above 10 or 12kHz)

While this frequency range is important for many vocal parts,

a loud (shouting or classical) voice does not always benefit from it.

Now, Crunchessor could help me out !

There is already the 'Warm' Style, which adds mid/low frequencies during compression.

But this is not quite what I need.

Would it be possible, to add a Style, that would reduce the very top end during heavy compression ???

This way, I would have the full frequency range during 'no' and 'slight' compression (for softer vocal parts)

and on power parts, with heavy compression, I would get rid of the annoying HF artifacts.

bye, Jan

I understand.  Have you tried the 'Dark' mode?  It reduces frequencies around 9kHz.

Yep, have tried it.

But 9 kHz is a bit too low, for what I have in mind.

I don't want to darken the sound.

It should be more like the singer would be moving away from the mike.

I like to record vocals pretty close miked.

Also, many singers have never learned, to change their mike distance, according to their volume.

So they stay close to the mike, even on full power parts.

This leads to an unpleasant, harsh sound, most of the time.

The reduction of frequencies above 11kHz during very loud parts (i.e. heavy compression),

could remove a bit of this harshness.

You may think of having a HiFi sound (condenser mike) for low levels parts,

turning into a more LoFi sound (dynamic mike) for highest levels.

bye, Jan

Jan, please check the newer beta version out - I've implemented the 'Smooth' mode.  Hope it works well otherwise I can adjust it further.

Thanks very much !! ( that was really fast, again :-)

...downloading ...

bye, Jan

That's what I call good customer support.

Yes, as fac said !!


Well, did some thorough testing today ...

... and I have to admit, that I had problems to hear any differences, between Styles and Modes, at all.

At first, I tried the new 'smooth' mode and could not hear a significant effect.

So, I reloaded V1.1, cycled a short vocal phrase and switched between Dark and Bright Style.

And I couldn't hear a difference


(Compression was between 2,5 and 7,5 db)

Also tried dozens of other Mode/Styles combinations, to no avail.

( I think, I could hear a slight effect, when 'Warm' was active.

And I remember there were clear differences on a bass git track )

I couldn't see any differences on my RME analyzer, as well.

So, a few questions arise :

- Are these settings meant to be close to 'not noticeable' (on vocals) ?

- Does the Style EQing affect the detection circuit and not the audio signal ?

- As I understood, the coloring should take place during compression.  Is that correct ?

- Does it only work under certain circumstances ?

... or is there something broken, here ??


The 1.2c version seems to have a bug in the Sidechain function.

Crunchessor was still compressing, even though Sidechain was active.

In 1.2b, there was no compression, with active Sidechain (SX 2.2, insert ),

which seems to be correct, as there's no signal at the sidechain inputs.

Anyway, the Crunchessor is a greta tool !

Maybe the colouring can be made a bit more noticeable ?!

Thanks again Aleksey !

bye, Jan

When processing 'wall of sound' type of material there will be little difference between the different styles.  Also styles are most evident on high compression levels.  But I have tried to change this now - you may try downloading the newer v1.0d.  It should give a difference with any compression settings.

Strange to hear about the side-chaining 'bug' as I have not really changed anything in this 'department'.  Please make sure 'Side-ch' switch is enabled too.

Hi Aleksey,

First :

The strange behaviour of the Sidechain, is only present in Group Channels.

( I used it on a mono Group in SX 2.2 )

Might also be an SX issue ...


The Styles coloring seems to be more noticable now.


from what I hear and if I understand You, correctly, the coloring only takes place,

when the compression strengh changes.

If this is true, Crunchessor can not help me with the harsh sound on very loud vocal parts.

I would need the coloring all the time through heavier compression.

E.g.: a long loud note from the singer causes a (nearly) constant heavy compression.

I would need the colouring for the whole note.


if it's correct, that the coloring takes place, during compression changes, only,

I would suggest, to implement the new (more noticable) mode, as an option.

Otherwise, the sound might change too much and sound unnatural, on very dynamic material.

( Especially for settings, that reduce certain frequencies )

bye, Jan

Indeed, coloration works only when compression level changes.  Otherwise it will sound too noticable, and probably such mode suits a whole new compressor plug-in as it will require many additional controls for comfortable tuning.  Yep, a decent idea for implementation.

I will probably redo what I have changed with coloration right now as it may sound *too* noticable, or maybe add it as an option.

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.